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Welcome To Onshore Therapy – Tavernier, FL


JMH Willis

Is it possible for someone to actually “enjoy” physical therapy? I didn’t think so; but after my 8 weeks of PT at Onshore Therapy in Tavernier, I can answer honestly “yes!” I’ve had a lot of PT at various clinics in Michigan over the past 12 years, but after injuring my knee in December, I saw a doctor in Tavernier who prescribed PT. After my first visit with Leann, Physical Therapist & owner of Onshore Therapy, I knew I chose the right place. Leann was able to quickly identify my gait problem, muscular weaknesses, and pain level; and she set up a plan for therapy that included strengthening and stretching as well as teaching how each exercise will benefit each issue. Not only is Leann an excellent diagnostician and teacher, she’s truly a very kind, compassionate person. I learned so much from her, and I am now pain-free! I also worked with Devhonne, PTA, who is also an excellent teacher. She gave clear instructions on proper techniques and often demonstrated the exercises herself. Devhonne also is a kind, caring, and encouraging therapist, and she always made me feel very comfortable. Lena works in the front office answering phones, scheduling, and greeting patients. She always made me feel so welcome. Lena helped me understand my insurance, deductibles, co-pays, etc. I highly recommend Onshore Therapy. I think you’ll be happy you went there. I miss my sessions, but I now have a solid home exercise program that I will continue to follow. I really miss seeing Leann, Devhonne, and Lena. Onshore Therapy is the best! Thank you, Leann!

Michele S.

LeAnn and Devonne are both great therapists, professional and caring. Their help in my recuperating from a fractured wrist with nerve and tendon complications was very helpful. As a team, they listened carefully to my experience, sought multiple solutions,and provided clear and helpful exercises and recovery techniques. Their complimentary focus areas provided a much needed range of treatment.

I would also highly recommend Cortney, the massage therapist at Onshore. She is very skilled in deep tissue techniques She identified and released many tight areas of which I wasnt even aware.

Robert H.

Leann has a very professional, knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to therapy. She has a better understanding of anatomical cause and effect than anyone I’ve dealt with. I highly recommend her!

Donna G.
Leann and Devohnne are very professional physical therapists and extremely knowledgeable .. the atmosphere is clinical yet relaxed. Amanda is available in any way she can help. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. (I had total spinal/cervical fusion 5 years ago.)
Debbie P.
I had neck and shoulder pain that I was told needed rotator cuff surgery. Leann was able to identify that I had a pinched nerve and my neck that was radiating pain down my shoulder. She was able to manipulate the shoulder blades & neck to release the pain. She gave me exercises to strengthen my neck area muscles to prevent this from happening again. After 4 visits my neck and shoulder have no pain. I can’t be more thankful.
Tim S.
What an AMAZING place! Leann is the BEST physical therapist I have ever been to! Leann improved my range of motion 37°. For the first time in over 10 years I walk PAIN FREE! You will not feel like a number here, they are truly concerned for your recovery. Jennifer the office manager keeps appointment-scheduling a breeze. I recommend Onshore Therapy, Leann, 150% THANK YOU LEANN!
Carol D.
Leann has helped me recover from Rotator Cuff surgery. She has given me her time and has been creative with exercises within doctors parameters. I haven’t found another therapist who is so focused on me and listening to how I feel and what’s happening with my recovery. You just don’t get that level of care in very many offices anymore.
Denita K.
Leann is an outstanding Physical Therapist! She is extremely intelligent, intuitive and responsive. I highly recommend her to anyone !! Thank you Leanne for caring so much!!
Tom A.
Best therapist team EVER! Fixed my shoulder and gave me great education.
Holly G.
I can not put into words what Leann has given back to me. She has taught me to breathe in a way that has brought my body so much release and relief. Helped me with my posture, my neck, shoulder and back pain. I think she has a sixth sense to figure out ailments my body has been harboring for years. Leann has become my emotional and physical guardian angel. Thank you is not nearly enough.
John W.
I received 7 weeks of Post Total Knee replacement Physical Therapy. As a physician I was impressed with Ms. Crockett’s knowledge of biomechanics and neuromuscular function. She provides a personal, hands on approach which helped me not only progress but understand how and why my joint muscles and tendons needed to be mobilized and strengthened.
Leann is not only helping my wacky body start making sense of itself, but she’s helped me to understand the core reasons for the wackiness in the first place. For example, I can tell her where I’m feeling “pins & needles” in my hand/fingers and she’ll know the exact spot in my spine that is affected. She’s a smart gal and is fun to work with!
Leann Crockett is an amazing person and the MOST AMAZING therapist I have had! I have gone to her for a little over 2 years now and any thing I notice I come back and tell her and she teaches me how to fix it and everything I have been through its real nice to be about to fix things without surgery!!! Shes amazing!!! She is well worth the money! And me personally ill try anything that helps me out of the surgery room!!!
I LOVED EVERYTHING about my experience! Run don’t walk, get there and get better!
Best therapy experience ever!

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