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Our Mission

Starting from the roots of Physical Therapy, we’ve always held a passion for healing people and ensuring they leave us feeling better than when they first walked into our center. After practicing for 12 years, we wanted to do more — more for our patients and more for our community. So, we asked ourselves, “Why stop at physical therapy?”

While still specializing in physical therapy, we thought to add a whole other asset to our services — Top Form Wellness. Through Top Form Wellness we offer wellness services that can help you start the journey to your best self.

We know it can be hard to know exactly where to start once you decide to prioritize yourself, health, and wellness. That’s why we wanted to be the place where someone could come for guidance in achieving your best self.

We strive to be the place where patients come to live and move better, stay active, and prioritize their health and wellness in the best way possible – with a team of professionals ready to help you wherever necessary. Specializing in physical therapy and wellness services, we’re sure to have the solution you’re looking for.